Proud to Announce that I’m part of the THINX Leaders Program


Thanks to THINX I’m ready to change my narrative from someone “who doesn’t get her period” to a “real menstruating human.” I’m thrilled to finally announce that I’m a THINX leader! THINX are period proof underwear that work. And I mean they REALLY work– they got me through my miscarriage.

When I decided to become a THINX leader, part of me thought that I was playing a sick joke on myself given that I don’t get my period. I looked at the “Real Menstruating Human” t-shirt and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. For those of you who are new to Abby’s Food Court, I shared in January that I’m having fertility issues because I have hypothalamic amenorrhea since going off hormonal birth control in March 2017. (See the full blog post here).

I wanted to work with THINX because I love the product and the company – however, I was nervous to tell the team that I don’t actually get my period. I questioned whether they’d want me to advocate for a product that I used during my miscarriage and unfortunately haven’t had the need to use since.

Then I spoke to the amazing THINX team and my friend Shannon and realized that my menstrual health and the way I used THINX are exactly why I should be part of this program and the important conversation THINX is having.

Healthy, low waste living is the focus of Abby’s Food Court. The health portion is where I use my expertise as a dietitian. As I’m navigating my own fertility path, I’m learning so much about hormonal and menstrual health and I’m excited to share this information with my clients and community.

Did you know that some practitioners now consider menstrual health to be the fifth vital sign? Vital signs are clinical measurements of the body’s most basic functions and are used to detect and monitor medical problems. Traditionally, they include pulse rate, temperature, respiration rate, and blood pressure. Taking a step back, it makes total sense for menstrual health to be on that list! Healthy periods effect our health and well-being and our ability to procreate. WHAT IS MORE VITAL THAN THAT?

The low waste living component of Abby’s Food Court is where I share my sustainability expertise. I live a very low waste lifestyle and love inspiring others to take small steps to live more sustainably. As I mention ALL THE TIME, sustainability and health go hand in hand- the diet and habits best for our health are also the best for the planet!

For these reasons, being part of the THINX Leaders program is a perfect fit. I get to talk about menstrual health and periods as well as low waste living!

My Introduction to THINX

I first used THINX underwear in December when I miscarried and started bleeding. They gave me the confidence to get out of the house, go on walks, go to yoga, sleep, see clients and even travel. Having a low waste miscarriage gave me something positive to latch onto– something I could control. And, if THINX underwear worked during this experience, trust me, they will work for you.

THINX are made with 4-layer technology; they include moisture wicking cotton, an odor trapping lining, super absorbent fabric and a leak-resistant barrier. They are washable and reusable and simple to care for!

I can’t wait to share more about THINX products and how YOU too can feel EMPOWERED by using them. Check out my THINX Leaders Page here and receive $10 your first purchase!

Time to get excited about the #lowwaste period revolution!

Questions? Email me at and I’m happy to answer all of them.