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Hello! I'm Abby, an attorney turned dietitian who lives a very eco-friendly lifestyle. I created Abby’s Food Court to make a healthy, low waste life approachable, doable, and FUN. I’m passionate about helping you upgrade your health (and life) with hacks that are low-impact to your lifestyle and high-impact to the planet!

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The diet and habits best for our health are also the best for the planet!


The diet and habits best for our health are also the best for the planet’s!




I use my expertise as a dietitian to cover nutrition and health topics and my expertise in sustainability to tackle the ins and outs of low waste living. Conveniently, the nutrition tips and the low waste living tips go hand in hand– the diet and habits best for our health are also the best for the planet!


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It's refreshing working with Abby as my nutritionist.

I've worked with nutritionists before and Abby is one of a kind. After finding out that I had new food allergies that were quite restrictive on my diet I wanted to seek help in how to better nourish my body with the correct protein, veggies etc. I then sought out Abby and I haven't looked back since. She looks at you as a whole person and what is going on in your life, physically and emotionally and that was exactly what I needed in my life. Thank you Abby!!!

- Dina, New York City

I've never felt better! Thank you, Abby!

I was about to give up on my weight loss goals when I reached out to Abby and I’m so glad I did! As a vegan, I was finding it hard to find the proper balance of nutrients that my body required, therefore had trouble losing weight and was struggling with other health issues. Working with Abby has been both refreshing and rewarding. Abby is knowledgeable, reliable and has developed a personalized plan, which not only has helped me lose weight but also changed my lifestyle and has improved my overall health.

- Holly, Sea Cliff

Abby’s Food Court and Abby have literally changed my life!

Abby's the most kind hearted human who cares about her clients to the core. I have Muscular Dystrophy and have struggled with an eating disorder for years. Abby has helped me heal from the inside out and her knowledge and willingness to learn has helped me learn more about myself and my body. Everyone needs an Abby in their life!

- Jacquelynn, New Jersey

I've learned A LOT, grown, and adopted a better lifestyle.

I've been working with Abby for several months as we navigated a low-FODMAP plan together, which has proven to be incredibly beneficial for my gut, and therefore my state of being (physically, mentally, emotionally). She takes on a very tactful approach, one that is well thought out, personal, and approachable. I am undoubtedly someone who loves food, and she has had a naturally ability to help me reframe my mindset about what food truly is - "Something to nourish yourself with so you can live your life purpose - to have a healthy body and be energized and show up at work and make a difference." Abby is a cheerleader, a friend, an absolute expert, patient and knows how to show up for her clients in all the right ways. She has most certainly brought more value to than I could have ever known going into it.

- Laura, New York City

After my first conversation with Abby, my perspective on healthful eating changed.

Abby offered concrete suggestions and food options, but that was only part of her counseling. She encouraged me to recognize where my body was in a process and to honor the care it required. Abby’s ability to pair self-love with nutritional guidance is essential to creating healthy eating alongside a healthy mindset. I would encourage everyone, but especially actors and dancers, to work with Abby. She is the balm to an industry that creates shame around body image; Abby teaches you to feed yourself as a way of loving your body! As an added bonus, having followed abbysfoodcourt on Instagram for over a year, she has encouraged me to make low-waste choice that are truly sustainable. Little by little she has helped me to develop better habits that have had an impact of my daily life.

- Barrie, Brooklyn