My Low Waste Essentials: 5 Items I Always Have On Me


I am 100% committed to living a low waste lifestyle. To follow through with this commitment, I carry a few items with me at all times. These staples enable me to reduce the waste that I produce in my every day life.  

1. Bamboo Silverware + Stainless Steel Straw

 My bamboo silverware and a stainless steel straw has helped me eliminate the need for single use plastic utensils and straws. This utensil roll is easy to spot in my bag and easy to clean. And, the bamboo silverware and straws are lightweight. The bonus? The whole set makes me feel very sophisticated.

 Note: Avoiding straws is harder than avoiding plastic silverware. Many waiters/waitresses automatically add straws to drinks. I am trying to get in the habit of politely asking that they omit the straw from my drinks when I order!


2. Kakaw Designs Tea Towel 

I bought Kakaw Designs tea towels for my husband, Rob, to give me for our 4-year wedding anniversary. It is the best gift he has ever given me. I had been carrying around regular dishtowels with me since September 2016 to avoid using single use napkins and paper towels. But, I needed an upgrade. These towels are gorgeous, colorful, soft, and, most importantly, absorbent.


3. Small Reusable Glass Jar (Ancolie Jar) and/or Coffee Cup (eCoffee Cup) 

After months of carrying around a coffee cup and a reusable container in my bag, I have concluded that, for the most part, carrying one or the other suffices. When I leave for the day and only have one bag with me, I bring either my Abby’s Food Court reusable eCoffee cup or a small glass jar. I use either one for coffee/tea/water or takeout/leftovers. I use my AFC cup and the best jars are from one of my favorite restaurants in New York, Ancolie.


4. Brooklyn Law School Moot Court Honor Society Klean Kanteen Water Bottle 

During my second year of law school, one of my professors gave me a Brooklyn Law School Moot Court Klean Kanteen water bottle. The ink might be fading, but the bottle itself is in perfect condition despite traveling with me for the past 5 years. Carrying around a refillable water bottle eliminates the need to use single use plastic bottles, helps me stay hydrated, and saves money.

Note: I leave a Kishu plastic free charcoal filter or a GoPure pod in the water bottle so I always have filtered water on the go! Use code ABBYC25 for 25% off your purchase of a GoPurePod.


5. Tote Bag

Tote bags are light weight and always come in handy. I keep a zillion in my car and always take one with me on the go. In the event I buy something, I always have an extra bag to carry it in. No single use plastic bags for me.