Sustainability Tip: Treat Your Water Bottle like Your Cell Phone


I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving! I’m beyond grateful for all of you and for the unbelievably positive response I received regarding this newsletter.
I read every single comment about what you want to see from me. And, the top request was for tips for making a healthy, low waste lifestyle feel manageable. I hear you!
When I started this journey, the term “zero waste” overwhelmed me. Using “low waste” instead, helped me relax a bit. It gave me permission to try my best, and not beat myself up when I inevitably produced waste, which I did and do…every day. I’m not perfect and guess what? The first thing to know about this lifestyle is that you literally can’t be perfect. Perfection can’t exist in our current environment– it doesn’t exist for food and it doesn’t exist for waste. This is good news! It’s liberating because chasing perfection is exhausting.
But, just because we can’t be perfect, doesn’t mean we can’t be better.

Each week, I'm going to give you ONE healthy, sustainable tip that is low impact to your lifestyle, but high impact to the planet AND your health. Just one! No need to turn your life upside down. Let me break down the monster of living sustainably into weekly, DOABLE steps. I know you can handle this transition. I know this because I did and because my clients are.
So, are you ready for tip #1?
TIP #1: Treat your reusable water bottle like you would your cell phone. Never go anywhere without it.
One of the first things I address with my clients is hydration. Every single cell in your body requires water. Being hydrated can increase your energy, lead to glowing skin, and improve cognitive function. With water making up 76% of our muscles, 90% of our lungs, and 76% of our brains, it’s no wonder that dehydration leads to poor functioning!
Quick rule of thumb for calculating your water needs: divide your weight (in pounds) by 2. That gives you the number of ounces of water you should drink a day. For example, if you weigh 120 pounds, you should aim for 60 ounces of water daily.
Unfortunately, our on-the-go lives have led us to rely on plastic water bottles. Worldwide, we buy ONE MILLION plastic bottles EVERY MINUTE — that number is expected to top half a TRILLION by 2021. And, less than half of them get recycled.
While you may purchase those plastic water bottles from the refrigerator, they travelled far, on hot trucks, packaged in more plastic, before getting to you. During that time, chemicals in the plastic bottle leach into the water that you then drinkResearch has found antimony, a toxic substance, in the water in plastic water bottles along with BPA, a hormone disrupting chemical that's also an obesogen. Obesogens may make you gain weight by messing with your hunger and fullness cues! Who wants that?
Sticking to stainless steel or glass water bottles reduces your exposure to potentially toxic chemicals and protects the environment. Win win!
My favorite water bottle is a Klean Kanteen one with sports cap (for exercising and driving) and this leak proof bamboo cap (when I’m throwing the water bottle into my bag on-the-go). To have confidence in the quality of your water, I recommend putting the GoPure Pod water filter into your water bottle. (Use code ABBYC25 for 25% off your purchase of a GoPure Pod filter).
Now, it's GO TIME. This week, bring your reusable water bottle and filter with you everywhere to stay healthy and hydrated! Tag me @abbysfoodcourt and use the hashtag #abbysfoodcourt on Instagram to spread the green love AND for a chance to be featured on my Instagram account.
Health & Happiness,