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Happy Sunday!

EVENT alert: Before I dive into this week's healthy, sustainable tip, I have to tell you about an exciting event on January 10th at Hatch, the chicest maternity store. I'm joining my friends Carolyn Brown of FoodtrainersChloe Vichot of Ancolie, and Sarah Rueven of Rooted Wellness for a panel on Non Toxic Living.

We'll discuss where toxins are lurking in our food and environment and, most importantly, how to avoid them! Ancolie (the most sustainable restaurant in New York City) is graciously providing delicious food. If you're in NY, you won't want to miss it. 

Event Details:
Topic: Non Toxic Living
Date: January 10th
Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm
Location: Hatch, 17 Bleecker St

Now onto the tip of the week. Let’s talk about food shopping (I am a dietitian after all).
A few weeks ago, I spoke to over 100 eighth graders about nutrition, sustainability, and zero waste living. It was invigorating to see how interested they were – the teachers even had to cut off the questions! When I asked them to guess how many single use plastic bags are used each year, they estimated 100 million…
Shockingly, it’s 10,000 times that. Yes, you read that right- we use 1 TRILLION plastic bags each year. In the time it takes you to read this newsletter, 2 million plastic bags are used. And, in about 12 minutes, those bags are already in the garbage! We use trillions of bags a year for a matter of minutes yet they last in our environment for 100s if not 1000s of years. There’s something wrong here! BUT, as always, there’s something you can do about it!
Time to tackle this week’s tip: SHOP NAKED.
We’ve discussed snacking naked, now it’s time to tackle shopping naked. For those new to this community, I don't mean shopping without clothes...I mean shopping without single use packaging!

A client recently told me that because Whole Foods was out of packaged greens, she didn’t get her greens that trip. I leapt at the opportunity to motivate her to SHOP NAKED. And, guess what, she totally embraced it! This is how I know YOU WILL TOO.

Because I have quite a few tips for shopping naked, I'm going to break them up over the next few weeks!
The first tip to shop naked is to ALWAYS bring your tote bags to the supermarket. I know you have a zillion tote bags at home, but, if you're anything like I am, it can seem like you only remember they exist when you've made it to the check out line without them...

This is why it's important to set yourself up for success. Put bags in your car or by your apartment door or come up with another strategy to remember your bags. (I always carry a small tote in my bag, just in case). You don’t forget your keys, wallet, or phone (or water bottle or coffee cup 😜) when you leave the house; you can remember your bags. (And, sometimes you don’t even need a bag! You can juggle a lot of items in your arms…see below).


This week, on top of treating your water bottle like your cell phone and bringing your reusable coffee cup to fill up, SHOP NAKED at the supermarket by bringing your own tote bag.

Health & Happiness,