Mini Hasselback Purple Potatoes- vegan, gf, nut free, zero waste

I made this recipe for Local Roots, a customizable CSA (community supported agriculture) or farm share with pick up (and delivery) locations throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan (and hopefully ones coming to Long Island!). It’s like a customizable farmer’s market that you subscribe to ahead of time. You choose your plan, which can include vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, eggs, dairy, tempeh, meat, sourdough bread, etc. All the ingredients are fresh, local, seasonal and of the highest quality.

Picking up each week is really fun! The locations include chic bars and restaurants and you get to interact with the site managers, weigh out all your produce, and learn more about where your produce is coming from. It’s easy to be extremely disconnected from our food. Local Roots is re-establishing that connection in the most fun (and nutritious) way.

Using fresh, local produce has gotten me out of my cooking rut! Check out this recipe on the Local Roots blog and use code AbbysFoodCourt10 for 10% off your first order!